Pure Argan Oil 100ml

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Moroccan Argan oil, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, is a natural restorative treatment for skin and hair.

The properties in Argan oil nourish and protect your skin against premature aging and revive your hair, leaving a healthy and silky texture. 


Apply gently with cotton pad or fingertips to cleansed skin.

Use alone as a nightly skin treatment or before applying your foundation to give your make-up extra radiance. 

Rub oil between your hands and smooth through hair, focusing on the ends.

For best results, use on damp hair prior to styling.

As a delicate make-up remover, dispense oil on cotton and gently remove make-up.

To strengthen brittle nails and soften cuticles, apply directly to your fingernails. 

To add softness and glow to your skin, combine with your body lotion or apply alone after a bath or shower. 



100% Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil
BIO Collection is absolutely the best Argan oil I have ever used! I have used other brands and BIO Collection Argan Oil by far outshines them all! I use the tiniest amount to smooth my hair; it made my hair look shiny and took away frizziness. BIO Collection’s Argan oil is silky, not greasy, and has no scent; it absorbs nicely my skin. I would highly recommend BIO Collection Argan oil to every person that needs their skin to look and feel their best to control oily and dry skin. I use it daily after shower on my face and body. For my kids I apply to their skin daily after bath and on their scrapes and mosquito bites. In one word BIO Collection Argan oil is wonderful.
I love this product for day and night use! The moisturizing factor is 10/10 but without the usual greasiness I feel with other moisturizers. I also use it around my cuticles to lengthen the time I can go between manicures.
Love my argan oil! I use it as a moisturizer on my face and even as an eye cream at night! It is light feeling yet very moisturizing!
This oil is fantastic! I've tried many other types and brands of beauty oils (rose hip, almond, grape seed) but the argan oil has a much lighter viscosity, smooths on better and absorbs quickly. I don't have to use a supplemental moisturizer as I have had to with other products. Two thumbs up.
I love Argan Oil! I have used it on my hair and face so far, and I have been very pleased with the results. My hair is shiny and smooth after using it--the perfect amount of shiny, but not oily. I can tell a huge difference on my face as well. I had a very dry spot of skin, and it has helped that so much. A must buy!
I was given the Bio Collection Argan oil as a gift, and I have used it so far on my face and in my hair.

On my face- my skin is so clear and smooth. It feels lightweight when applied to the skin and is so nourishing that I have a visible glow.

In my hair- its amazing how such a small amount of the oil can be so good! I use literally one pipette full (i have thick hair) and my hair is so smooth, even after using hot styling irons. It has restored my hair, as I use styling irons a lot and I have coloured hair.

I had an argan oil hair product from another company before but it was not 100% argan oil, and the difference between the two is incredible. The other product did not produce the same results, and I needed double the amount. Bio Collection on the other hand had my hair in a condition that I have never achieved before with the smallest amount! The bottle will last forever- but i dont mind because it looks so pretty on my dressing table.

Must buy product to have at home!
I've been using argan oil for over five years and am very happy with Bio Collection. Before, I mostly used the Josie Maran brand, but once I tried Bio Collection, I immediately noticed a difference in the color and smell. It seems Josie Maran (and other brands I've tried) somehow masks the true argan scent, AKA more processing! The Bio Collection scent isn't overwhelming and dissipates once you apply it.
I love this product! Bio Collection is so pure and light; it leaves my skin and hair feeling soft and healthy. I am also discovering that it works very well to soften cuticles and is amazing if used in a thin layer on the legs while shaving.
As a newcomer to pure argan oil, I was very surprised by how amazing this product is and how you can apply it to any part of your body ~ from your hair all the way down to your heels! It does not leave me feeling all oily, but instead gives me a healthy glow!! I love that this product is all natural and that I do not have to worry about harmful chemicals being absorbed into my body. This will definitely be a part of my every day beauty routine!
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