Your Beauty Tips!


If you have missed our past Beauty Tips, No worries! We have the latest here for you!

Do you want a sunkissed look?

No sunshine?
No worries!

Dr. Angela Sturm says a
pply bronzer to the periphery of your forehead and under the apples of your cheeks to create depth and give that sunkissed look without looking bronzed all over.

Try These Superfoods for Healthier Skin!

Low-fat Yogurt - rich in vitamin A which helps your skin stay firm

Papaya - contains vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, and other nutrients that reduce inflammation and repair skin cells damaged from free radicals

Berries (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries) - rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals and increase collagen, which is essential for skin elasticity

Avocados - contain carotenoids which protect your skin against environmental damage

Almonds – although high in calories, they are rich in vitamin E, believed to assist the skin in preventing signs of premature aging

Walnuts – contain essential oils and copper which help collagen production and skin elasticity
Pure Water (not mixed in beverages or soups) - delivers nutrients to your skin and helps it stay hydrated 

Be Beautiful Inside and Out!


Would you like a brighter smile? Check out these tips from a dental hygienist 

      • Choose a lipstick or a lip-gloss with blue undertones, for example purple or violet. 
        Blue hues enhance the white color in your teeth, giving you a brighter smile.
      • Avoid yellow or orange hues, as they enhance the yellow color in your teeth and can dull your smile.
      • If you like to wear red, look for a lipstick or a lip-gloss that doesn’t have an orange base.

          Go out and show off Your Beautiful Smile!

Do you like long showers or baths? Although it might be good for the soul, it's not so good for the skin.

      • Spending a long time in the water often leaves your skin less hydrated than before you started.
      • 5 to 10 minutes shower or bath adds moisture to the skin. 
      • To retain moisture, apply a cream or oil within 3 minutes after bathing, while the skin is still moist.